so, what exactly are you?

A genius. Well not that much, I studied Film Design, so I know a lot about art, photography & editing. I got my degree at Universidad de Buenos Aires, they had taught us editing, sound mixing, scriptwriting and photography. I love film but I apply that knowledge to branding and visuals projects. I also studied Graphic Design, but I left school to start working on my own career. So there are many things I can do, and I keep on learning, editorial design and marketing. I can do most of the job you need if you have a brand and want to upgrade your content.

how do you work?

Depending on what you need, I can do a test for you setting goals and expectations for graphics (logo/pictures/brand elements/social media). Once we agreed on style and deadlines, I start working on every task. Communication is the key so I will need your feedback & commitment.


do you have any references?

I feel embarrassed showing off, but you’ve asked:

“Marianela was phenomenal to work with! One of the best graphic designers I have had the opportunity to partner with. Great communication. Would highly recommend.”

Laura Levy, All cruise ports.

“I had a great experience working with Marianela! She is extremely professional and able to turn around projects quickly and on a tight deadline. Communication was excellent, she was always available and responded to my feedback very quickly. I needed a whole document formatted for book print within a few days and she put in overtime getting it done for me in time. The formatting work and also cover design for my book was exceptional. I would highly recommend her to anyone, and will contact her again for my future design needs.”

Brian Park,Ocean Kai Books